Green Gourmet

Title: Green Gourmet *

Intro: Des Plats frais, saisonniers et modernes tout au long de l’année

Language: French

Why I like it:

The recipes are cool, all divided by season (Swiss seasons!) and it helps you discover new ingredients.

Each recipe has its own photo.

The photos and the design are very, very nice – it’s this kind of book I’m proud to have on my bookshelf!

In addition to the 4 seasons, there are 3 interesting sections:

– Le livre de cuisine pour tous le ménages: basic tips

– Principes de l’alimentation moderne: ‘eat healthy’ advice

– Acheter et cuisiner tout en respectant le développement durable: Season tables and so on, a nice add-on part!

One thing that may not be very positive is that I think you will not able to find this book anymore as it was a Migros Swiss special edition!

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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