Strawberry Tiramisù

It’s strawberry season!!!

So let’s make a tiramisù in a new pinky version!

Tiramisù – basic ingredients:

4 Eggs

400 gr Mascarpone cheese

500 gr Savoiardi cookies – if you can’t find these just use some spongy cookies or some plain ones. If you are greedy use cookies with chocolate bits!

Sugar, pinch of Salt, Chocolate or Meringues for the topping.

Additional ingredients for strawberry version:

500 gr Strawberries + 200 gr for the syrup

100 gr Sugar for the syrup

300 ml Water again for the syrup

2 Limoncello tbs for the syrup if you have it

First thing: prepare the strawberry syrup cos it has to cook a bit and you can go ahead with the rest.

Chop 200 gr of strawberries with 100 gr of sugar and 300 ml of water using a mixer to obtain a liquidy pattern. Add 2 spoons of limoncello and let it cook for a bit to make the syrup thicker.

While the syrup is cooking, prepare your tiramisù cream!

I don’t like it when the cream is very yellow and eggy, so I use all the 4 egg whites whipped like snow (insomma montati a neve!) using a pinch of salt to help them get super soft!

Please use a whipping tool – don’t go crazy manually, it’s just a waste of time, energy and patience!

In a separate bowl, mix the yolks with some spoons of sugar – depending on how sweet you like it, let’s say 4 to 6 – and after mix it with the mascarpone until you have a nice cream. At this point you add the snow white eggs into this bowl, so take a bigger one for this operation if you haven’t done it yet and mix it all trying to keep the white soft.

Insomma mescola dall’alto in basso con movimenti circolari per non smontare i bianchi!

Here ya go!

Ready to assemble your tiramisù, just cut the 500 gr of strawberries in slices and start composing!

What I did was take a low bowl or a glass baking tin and cover all the bottom and the sides with cookies that I had dipped into the syrup.

In the middle, I put all of the strawberries sliced and cover them all with the cream.

I had no chocolate or meringues but I had pistachios so it was green topped!


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