Pesto à l’ail des ours

Pesto all’aglio ursino

Apparently here in the Geneva area it’s the right season to pick this wild garlicky plant and make pesto so we decided to go searching and as we found it, I spent time – too much – to make some jars…

I’ve used a recipe from my “Green Gourmet” book (Reading section) but here you can find my version (together with a photo of the original version).

Ingredients (my version):

(for a small sized jar)

100 gr Ail des ours

80 gr pine nuts

60 gr Parmesan cheese or Grana Padano

1 dl olive oil (come on, I’m too Italian to use colza oil and apparently it’s not very healthy either!)

salt q.b.

I put all of the ingredients, except the oil, into a mixer and went crazy to try to make it into a pesto.

I have to confess that mine probably got a bit warm and it shouldn’t happen, so try to cut the leaves after washing them and rinsing them so your mixer will not blow up!

When you are happy with your pesto mix you can add some of the oil and mix it a bit more.

If you eat it in few days, you can just add some oil on the top of the jar before closing it and put it in the fridge. If not you can leave it as it is and freeze it and then add some oil when you will defrost it and use it!

I’ve used it as pasta sauce instead of normal pesto and on bread tartine…not too bad indeed!!!


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