Plum Muffins

I have a basic cake recipe that I use every time I feel in “cake lazy mood”.

You can add ingredients, remove ingredients, exchange ingredients and most of the time adapt the recipe based on what you have at home!

This is one of that situations, I felt like I wanted to prepare something for breakfast or for merenda (tea time) and I had my mamma’s best plum jam, plus a plum yogurt in the fridge, so the choice was easy!


Plum Jam q.b.

1 Plum yogurt or natural yogurt

250 gr Flour

50 gr melted Butter

2 Eggs

5 table spoons of Sugar

backing powder

The great thing is that you just put all the ingredients together and you mix them!

When you are done, you take a spoon and divide the dough into 6-8 muffin moulds (I used muffin papers holders…no idea what you call them but in Italian they are stampini di carta per dolci).

Don’t fill them too much cos you need to leave some space for a coffee spoon of jam and some space to cover it with the leftover dough.

Cook at 180° for 15-30 mins but just to be sure, check it quite often.

Top it with icing sugar if you like it!


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