Risottino agli asparagi

Asparagus Risotto

Geneva is freezing and wet so last night I decided that even if it’s apparently Spring, I needed something warm…asparagus is in season and most of all, it was inside my fridge!


(these quantities serve 2 people, you can increase them easily to feed more hungry friends)

Rice…this is tricky enough as I don’t really weigh rice, I count as my grandma used to do: 1 fist, 2 fists, 3 fists and I have small hands…so let’s say 3-4 small fists of rice per person depending on the starvation level.

1 Small onion

1 Garlic clove

250 gr Asparagus

1 veggy stock-cube

1 glass of white wine

1/2 glass of milk

Boiling water

Olive oil, Salt, Pepper and grated Parmesan cheese

Chop the onion and garlic together into small pieces and let them cook in a pot with hot olive oil, gradually adding the white wine so you will, first of all, avoid burning the garlic – it burns so fast!!!- and you will add a nice delicate flavour to your rice. (This is a typical Italian Soffritto!)

And here…I cheat!

Instead of preparing the broth I add the stock-cube directly into the soffritto and let it melt; to one side I prepare my kettle full of boiling water that I will add gradually during the whole cooking process.

Cut the asparagus into small pieces and add them to the soffritto. Let it cook for a few mins before adding the rice. (Leave out the asparagus heads and add them just at the end of the cooking as they are more tender and they will transform into a puree!)

Stir the rice with the other ingredients and then start adding the hot water.

Let it cook, adding water, stirring and adjusting the salt & pepper.

When it seems like it is almost done, if you like it more creamy, as I do, add the 1/2 glass of milk and a bit of Parmesan; at the same time, add the leftover asparagus heads.

The rice usually cooks in around 20 mins but try it a few times before serving it!

If you have guests then you can leave the rice a bit hard and cover it; it will finish cooking on its own but be careful.

Serve it, add more grated Parmesan and if you have it… a little bit of truffle oil could be a great plus!


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