My Cousin’s Secret Chocolate Cake

This recipe has been going around in my family and every Christmas or Easter or family dinner we kind of expect my cousin to bring it: we are NEVER tired of it!

This cake is a bit like a soft brownie and the secret is to get the perfect cooking time, so it will be not too dry and not too wet, but it will just melt into your mouth.


4 Eggs

200 gr Sugar

100 gr Butter

200 gr Dark chocolate (I use the cooking block one, dark, hard and basic)

2 spoons of Flour

1 pinch of salt

Icing sugar for the topping

If you like to surprise people with a spicy chocolate version you can add a pinch of chilli powder!

To start you will need two bowls: a bigger one for the yolks and a smaller one for the egg whites.

To one side, add a pinch of salt to the egg whites and whip them to get a soft white cloud (insomma montate i bianchi a neve/blancs en neige)!

On the other side, add sugar into the yolks bowl and start whipping them with a kitchen whisk (I use an electric one!).

Melt the chocolate together with the butter – I put them in the microwave but you can do it on the normal heat just be careful and stir it constantly.

When you have a nice dark chocolate cream add it to the yolks & sugar mix.

Now you can add the flour and mix it all again until you obtain a nice cream.

It’s time to make the two bowls into one and to stir the egg whites gently into the cream. if you can, try again with a nice rounded spoon movement (top to bottom) so the white will remain firm and soft!

When you have obtained a more liquid and soft cream inside your bowl, you are ready to bake your cake.

Preheat the oven at 180° for 20-25 mins.

Use the “old stick trick” to check if your cake is done: if the stick comes out too wet you need to cook it a bit more and if it’s too dry…then you may have cooked it a bit too much – usually 20 mins is fine unless your oven is super powerful.

Top the cake with icing sugar!


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