Tkt mission at Vitafoods Europe Fair

Vitafoods Europe

The global nutraceutical* event

(*Wiki quotes: Nutraceutical, a portmanteau of the words “nutrition” and “pharmaceutical”, is a food or food product that reportedly provides health and medical benefits, including the prevention and treatment of disease.)

Where: Geneva

This was indeed the first official Tkt mission!

I need to confess that I got quite excited when I had my entry pass!

Premessa: This is really not my kind of fair as I like to cook healthy, fresh things and I’m more the kind of person that goes to the Sunday market or tries to find products made directly by the farmers and so on but I think it’s always interesting to see what is going on around you. I decided to go and have a look at this part of the food world that I would usually strongly avoid. (Also I was hoping that “Healthy” didn’t just mean “ready to eat diet stuff…”).

The event was huge! I have never thought much about low fat, diet and high protein food, I just try to stay healthy and use bio food as much as I can, but at this fair they were VERY serious about it!

– I’m Italian and you do NOT eat a bar full of proteins instead of your lunch (which would probably be lighter!!!) –

I’m not going to review everything, I’m going to skip what isn’t relevant to us like pharmacy things, sport food, high protein stuff and so on.

I’ve selected four stands that caught my attention in a positive way somehow and on top, I’m going to add some nice photos at the end.

But before starting I have to confess that there was a very long table of samples to try and people were asked to vote for your two favourite ones…I HAD to vote!!!

(Meaning i had to try a lot of heathy and less healthy diet bars and food substitutes and drink shots too…I felt pretty sick for a bit after!!!)

Let’s start now with the first interesting stand we stopped at: Nutrisaveurs (for more info

The great concept idea is all inside a box, a diet box!

I am not making any comment on the food quality, look and feel or taste as I had no chance to try it; I don’t know either if this box concept will cost you a fortune or not as the price was not mentioned to me.

I find the idea excellent – a 7 day box that contains everything you should eat during one week including your breakfast, snacks and main meals.

From a person that is not a big diet fan, calling this a genius idea is an incredibly big compliment!

I’ve tried to put myself into other people’s shoes, people who have no idea how to cook, or just don’t like it and that buy almost everything readymade.

These people who get lost putting together even a salad and that end up gaining so much weight with wrong food: with this box they could just solve their problem and control their weight for 1, 2, 3 up to 4 weeks.

A winning idea more structured than just a self-made diet program…I hope it has a decent taste and good ingredients…

Though I am sceptical on diet food I managed to find a stand that was Healthy food rather than diet food.

The kind lady mentioned something about the company policy being “pretty inside, pretty outside” as they were also launching a new line of beauty products.

I was very glad to taste a little healthy snack after all that strange (artificial?!) flavoured food and it was a good one with no preservatives either!

The company is an Israeli one and you can find more info here:

Good, crazy Swiss creative people they all scream for Ice-cream and honestly we did it too!!!

Strange diet bars, strange cookies, strange snacks but now normal ice-cream!!! Luxury time!

The last company I want to mention is a company that creates healthy tea and fresh spices mix but they do not brand their products, you do it!

Check it out at – it’s an interesting one and I may be able to tell you how good is their tea and most of all their Curry & Cinnamon Indian rice spices mix, as I got a sample that I can’t wait to taste!

Here are some additional photos of this long day in a strange food world!


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