Asparagus Carbonara

“Green carbonara” with asparagus

(I confess I’ve bought too many last time so I had to invent something else!)


(for 2 people)

100/200 gr of Asparagus – I didn’t weigh them…oops – more or less

1 Egg

Grated Parmesan cheese q.b.

200 gr of Pasta – here I used spaghetti trafilati al bronzo, meaning the rough one, but you can use any kind of pasta you may like or have (usually 100 gr per person is a basic portion, but if you are starving or you usually eat more, increase the quantity; if you are not a big pasta eater 80 gr is enough).

1 Garlic clove

Olive oil, Salt & Pepper

Boil a pot of salty water for the pasta.

While you’re waiting, cut the asparagus in small pieces and let them cook in a frying pan with a bit of olive oil and the garlic clove (if you want you can chop the garlic instead of using it entire).

Whip the egg inside the serving bowl with some of the Parmesan.

When the pasta is cooked, rinse it and quickly add it into the bowl, add the cooked asparagus and stir everything.

Add pepper, more Parmesan if you like it, and you’re ready to go!

If you feel like the Parmesan made your pasta too dry just pour some more olive oil directly into the bowl.



  1. Very delicate and “healty”, in comparison with the traditional one… Ideal for summertime!

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