Walking around Plainpalais market

Where: Geneva – Plaine de Plainpalais

When: Tuesday, Friday, Sunday from 06:30 to 13:00

A flea market takes place in the same location (on Wednesday and Saturday from 9:00 to 15:00ish).
What is nice about the food market is that you can find what is in season!

I love that!!! I grew up in a country where having cherries at Christmas would be a sin because Christmas smells like mandarins and for your cherries you have to wait until Summer, for your strawberries Spring, for your grapes Autumn...

If you have time, try to find your local market and discover new things each season – it’s refreshing and exciting!

Having everything you want no matter when you want it is boring and spoiled!

Even carrots or peppers can beautifully surprise you!

The beauty of food markets in Geneva is that you can usually decide to buy from the more organised guy or from the one that is really selling things from his garden; check out the prices becuase it’s not the cheapest market as you can imagine.

Today I walked around in the roasting pre-summer heat enjoying everything, smelling every herb and discovering things that I haven’t even seen before.

Usually you can find any vegetable you want and any fruit you may look for – on top you have mushroom dedicated stalls. Try the mushroom mix for your risotto or mushroom dishes, it’s good and tasty even when it’s not porcini season!

Ask “the mushroom man“, he will know everything and he will be happy to chat with you!

You can find ordinary things but more exotic things too.

Most of the time there are also stalls selling amazing cheese from the area, bread and cakes, quiche, honey and spices or typical things from different places and you can also get flowers!!

You can really change your menu every time you go there and buy so many different things!

I’m adding a last photo that has already inspired me as it’s elderflower time and I may go pick flowers soon because I love elderflower syrup!!!

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