Mini Bread (Made Of Pizza Dough)

Last night I made a big pizza, an entire oven tray, and I had some leftover dough that I decided to use to make mini bread muffins for lunch today (it was a utopia because I have only one left and it’s 10 am…).

I’m going to give you the recipe for making pizza and after you can decide how you want to use your dough.


(For one big focaccia style pizza or two oven tray size thin pizzas)

100 gr = 100 ml

500 gr Flour

200 gr Water

100 gr Milk or Buttermilk (or you can use just 300 gr of water)

20 – 25 gr brewer’s yeast (the fresh one) or you can use a sachet of dry yeast for bread (this is easy to keep at home for any time you feel like having pizza)

20 gr Olive oil

10 gr Salt

10 gr Sugar

Before you start: remember that less water is always better than too much water, as you can always add some more.

If you have a quite powerful kitchen mixer, put all the liquids inside – plus the yeast and sugar – and mix them until the yeast melts. A few seconds are usually more than enough.

If you feel in a real pizza and bread making mood, and you will go the “old style way”, just do exactly the same things but use a wooden spoon and your hands. It will take you a bit longer but the result will be the same, no worries!

When the yeast melts, add flour and salt and then knead to obtain your perfect elastic dough!

Now let your dough rest and rise inside a tall bowl, covered with a tea towel to stay warm.

Your dough should rise for, at least, 1 h.

When your dough is super soft and ready, you can start with your pizza or mini breads.

I’ll let you make your pizza and here I’m just going to tell you how I made my little muffin breads, adding different spices or things I had at home.

I divided the leftover dough in 6 – 8 mini balls and kneaded each of them, adding different ingredients.

One ball had cumin seeds, one had salted capers, one had poppy seeds, one had asparagus bits, one had thyme, one had crème fraiche cheese and another one tomato paste and chilli.

I put my bread balls inside a muffin paper holder adding a bit of flour at the bottom, but you can just spread some flour on a oven tray and place, at a good distance from each other, the balls.

Let them cook in a very hot oven; you will be able to tell when they are ready!

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