A New Friend Inside My Freezer

Today I was doing my food shopping at my local supermarket – and here I need to open a quick digression on supermarkets: Migros or Coop?! It’s a bit like: Tesco or Sainsbury’s?!

I used to be a super Sainsbury’s lover and hate Tesco! (Someone will love me someone will hate me!).

Here in Switzerland I’m more mild so I go to both, with a preference for Migros as they push local food, bio things etc. more!

End of the digression.

…So I was walking around and I met a new “friend” that was looking at me from the freezer: Mary Jane’s Ice cream!

It looked soooo familiar!!! Why?!

Oh I know why: it’s the Migros version of Unilever’s best seller “Ben & Jerry’s”….oops!

Apparently it was originally called “Jane & Mary’s” but “someone” got very upset and Migros had to change the name…

I HAD to try it!!! (of course I had to, the packaging was just too nicely designed!!!)

So I can give you my judgement on two flavours:

Chocolate Obsession and Almost Cookies!

They are not too bad!

They are cheaper than the “famous cousins” and they are less fat.

The chocolate one is very sweet with small stars of white crunchy milk chocolate and cereal but, if you like sweets then you may love it!

The cookies version was a bit disappointing because it revealed itself to be a stracciatella ice cream with cookie dough pieces. It was my fault because this is exactly what it is written on the box…but I got too excited at the word “cookie” to keep reading…

Anyway they are worth a try!

In addition I’ve made a funny discovery: Migipedia….


I’m still smiling about it and I thank the genius who came up with the name, they just made my day!


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