Polpettone (Potatoes and Green Beans Loaf)

Polpettone alla Genovese

This is a typical recipe from my region in Italy –  Liguria – and is a potatoes and green beans vegetable loaf cake (I don’t know a better way to describe it!).

It is nice served warm or cold and I really love it accompanied with a tomato salad dressed with balsamic vinegar!


300 gr Green beans

300 gr Potatoes

3 Eggs

Soffritto = Olive Oil, 1 Garlic Clove, 1 small Onion, a fist of dry Porcini mushrooms* (if you have them)

Salt & Pepper

100 gr grated Parmesan cheese – you can add some ricotta if you feel like it


First of all prepare your veggies: peel the potatoes and remove the two ends from each green bean.

(You’ll have fun I swear!!!). Cook them in salty water until the potatoes are just tender.

While the veggies are cooking you can prepare your soffritto, frying your chopped garlic, onion and Porcini mushrooms in a bit of olive oil, add some water left over from softening the mushrooms and it will help your soffritto get a nice flavour.

*How to use the dry mushrooms: leave them in a bowl with warm water to soften, rinse and chop them.

Take your soffritto and put it inside a powerful mixer, add the boiled potatoes and green beans (carefully rinsed), mix it but leave the texture quite rough.

After add the 3 eggs, the Parmesan, salt & pepper and mix it again!

Oil an oven tray and pour the mix inside it, sprinkling it with breadcrumbs, oregano and olive oil and let it cook at 180° until you will see a nice crust appearing on the top (use the grill if needed).

Let it cool down before serving.


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