Warm Heart Chocolate Dessert

The beauty of these mini warm heart chocolate desserts is not only that they are absolutely delicious, but also that you can make them one, or even a few days in advance, and keep them ready inside your freezer!


150 gr Dark Chocolate

150 gr Butter

100 gr Sugar

40 gr Flour

3 Eggs

1 pinch of Salt

Icing sugar for the topping

(You can serve it with Ice-cream, white chocolate, fresh raspberry, marmalade…)

Melt the butter with the chocolate and stir it until you have a tick chocolate cream.

Let it cool a bit and add all the other ingredients; mix it.

Your dessert is almost done! EASY!!!

Now you need to prepare the moulds, spreading a very thin layer of butter inside each of them and sprinkling them with flour.

Remember to remove the leftover flour; if not, when you will serve them, they will look white here and there!

Pour the cream inside the moulds and place all of them in the freezer for at least 1h and 1/2! (I divided it in different moulds: the official and unofficial one!)

Also I’ve tried to place a small piece of white chocolate in the middle – of some of them – to see what will happen (I’ve never done it before!)

When you will decide that it’s time to eat your dessert, cook it from frozen for 15 mins at 220°.

Tip: If you observe it while it is cooking inside the oven, you will notice that slowly it will get dryer in a concentric way – when just a small spot in the centre is still a bit wet, then you need to take it out. If not, you will loose the “melting heart”!


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