Sweet & Salty Yellow Peppers

My Mum got quite excited about this new recipe and she decided I had to try it too!

Apparently the original recipe – that I don’t know the origins of – had pine nuts. Of course my Mum (who changes all recipes while reading them…) decided that as she had hazelnuts in her kitchen she was going to switch the pine nuts with what she had…

I had almonds…so my version will be with almonds!


3 Yellow Peppers (I like yellow one because they are a bit more sweet but any colour is fine!)

100 gr (or less or more) of Almonds (or pine nuts or hazelnuts)

100 gr of Raisins

1 fist full of Breadcrumbs


Chilli powder

Olive oil

Mission number 1: peel the peppers!

Now there are a few different ways to do so, I will list them and you can choose the best one for you:

  • If you have a gas cooker, just put the pepper on top of the flame and let the skin burn. When burned, put the pepper under cold running water and wash away the skin
  • If, like me, you don’t have a gas cooker, put your peppers inside the oven and switch on the grill, the skin will burn and after you can easily put the pepper under the water and wash the skin away
  • An “urban legend” says that if you put the entire pepper in the oven and you grill it, after you can close it inside a plastic bag (like the one you use to freeze things, for example) and create an inner tube…magically the skin will be attracted by the plastic bag and your pepper will be instantly  “naked”! Good luck if you try, I never did!

Peel and cut the peppers in very thin slices.

Oil an oven dish and position the sliced peppers inside to create a thin layer.

Soften the raisins in water and chop the nuts.

Spread the peppers with all the ingredients: rinsed raisins, chopped nuts, salt, a pinch of chilli powder and big breadcrumbs!

Pour some olive oil on the dish and let it grill in the oven – be careful cos it burns in a second if you start doing something else!


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