Elderflower Syrup

We had a nice walk in the French country side picking elderflowers (a lot of elderflowers!!!), as I’ve decided that, for the first time, I was going to make syrup to help me face the hot summer.

I had a look at a lot of different recipes and mixed them together, as I was not fully satisfied with any of them and, most of all, it’s impossible to find citric acid here!

I got the original recipe from my aunty so I will use that as starting point.


15 Elderflowers (the whole “umbrella” flower)

1 l Water

600-800 gr of Sugar (depending how sweet you like it!)

20-30 gr Citric acid – if, like me, you can’t find it anywhere, use 150 ml of Lemon Juice instead

2-3 slices of Lemon (try to find ones that are not processed!)

Prepare your flowers by cutting most of the green flower stalks and placing the little white flowers inside a bowl, where after you will cover them with water.

Leave the flowers soak inside the water for 30 hours.

I have to confess that leaving the flowers inside the water for so long creates a very strong smell: no worries, it’s normal (I hope!!!).

When your water has turned a dark yellow, it is definitely time to filter it.

Remove all the flowers with a skimmer and filter the liquid.

For the “filtering job” I used a colander covered with kitchen paper: it worked very well.

You can add the lemon juice before or after filtering everything – just decide if you like your syrup to be clear or if you wouldn’t mind some bits inside it.

At this point my aunty added the lemon slices, the sugar and the “famous citric acid” and she left it to rest for another 24 hours but she didn’t cook it.

I’ve been looking around and apparently cooking it makes the syrup last longer, so I decided to cook mine until it started boiling.

If you have a glass bottle you can pour it while it’s hot; if not, it’s better to wait a bit and let it cool down.


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