Carnet Retrouvé Des Meilleurs Petits Plats Française

Title: Carnet Retrouvé Des Meilleurs Petits Plats Française

Intro: 67 Recettes essentielles

Language: French

Publisher: Marabout

Why I like it:

I have some preconception regarding French “cuisine”: I find it too articulate, complicated and I always have this feeling that when I go to a French restaurant, no matter what I order, I will never get something similar to what I was expecting and worse still, it will not taste close to what I thought.

When I saw this book, I found it amazing!

The design is very well done, giving particular attention to detail and the recipes are nice and easy!

Do not expect some “Parisian extremely posh nouvelle cuisine” – in this book you can find the forgotten “vrais saveurs de la cuisine des paysans français”!

I immediately loved this book reading the introduction as one of the author writes: “…to know that a simple green bean could be so delicious, has strongly changed my view of the world…”

The book takes inspiration from a handwritten recipe notebook dated 1870….

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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