Kaiserschmarnn (Sweet Egg Omelette)

Kaiserschmarnn: (“Kaiser”, meaning “Emperor” and “Schmarrn” is “Nonsense” in Austrian German).

Kaiserschmarnn is THE typical omelette from Austria and Sud Tirol and the best way to eat it is with some red berries jam!

If you have the chance to travel around the area you will definitely have to try the original one!!!

Most of the people consider this dish as a dessert, I honestly prefer eating it as a main course because at the end of your meal it will be quite a heavy treat.


4 Eggs

2 glasses of Milk

150 gr Flour

1 pinch of Salt

30 gr Sugar

60 gr Raisins

50 gr Butter

Icing Sugar

Separate the yolks from the whites and put them in two different bowls.

In one bowl, whip the white of the eggs with the salt until they become firm.

In the other, mix the yolks with the sugar and after, gradually, add all the remaining ingredients (but just leave out the butter for the moment).

Quick tip: Remember to soften the raisins in warm water, and to rinse them!

Mix the two batters together, warm a frying pan, melt the butter and pour the batter inside it.

As you will have to turn your omelette, and it’s not an easy job, I would suggest you cover it with a lid for a more uniform cooking.

The good news is that after turning it, you have to break it into big pieces anyway, so no worries if you have an “accident”!

Personally I let it get crunchy and even a little bit burned!!!

Sprinkle it with icing sugar and serve with red berries jam!


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