Odéon – Café/Restaurant à Genève

Odéon – Café/Restaurant à Genève

Gourmandise et autres péchés.

60, Boulevard de Sain-Georges – 1205 Genève


(The website indicated on their card is currently not working but I’ve found they also have a facebook page that it is working so you could check that).

This little restaurant is just one step behind Plainpalais and has two separate areas: one a bit more posh and formal and another one on the side with an outside porch.

The outside part is more relaxed and the menu seems to be the same!

I found it nice and cosy and the food was definitely good.

I was too hungry and I’ve forgotten to take a photo of the starter that was a delicious ricotta and dry tomatoes bruschetta with rochet and olives…when I’ve remembered, it was a bit too late but I can assure you it was very nice.

The restaurant has a selection of soups and pasta but, as it was a warm night, we skipped the soup and I am not too keen to order pasta at a restaurant (sooooo Italian of me!)

We ended up ordering one plate of the day and another fish plate.

The “plat du jour” was a very tasty mullet fillet on a bed of finely sliced veggies and pine nuts!

– If you are not a fish lover avoid mullet as it has a very strong fish taste! –

The other fish dish we ordered was: tuna in poppy seeds crust

This dish was definitely more sophisticated but also I had the feeling that the green beans accompanying it were too cold.

Sometimes keeping it simple could be your best choice, but it was worth trying!

Everything was absolutely well presented!

Eating outside was a nice idea but the evening was getting dark and chilly so I’ve tried only one dessert and the photo is not the best one to describe this very thick apple tart-tatin with hazelnut ice cream.

The tart-tatin was actually already very dark itself, a bit burned but in a nice way.

Super idea the hazelnut ice cream instead of a boring vanilla one!

They also have a very long list of wines!

If you are in the area I would suggest you try it, prices are reasonable for Geneva and you can tell me how the meat is as we didn’t try it!

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  1. Hello, i really like this restaurant, by the way they have now a new web site that you can visit with really beautiful photos I really advise everyone to have a look at it, http://www.odeongeneve.ch ;°)

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