Fried Anchovies

Last night I drove back home and, to my immense joy, my mum was waiting for me with a big plate of  fried anchovies!!!

Lucky me, indeed!!!

This dish is so easy to make and so great to eat!

The best thing is to buy fresh anchovies and ask your fishmonger to clean them for you, meaning he/she will cut the heads off and you will have to do the rest at home!

Don’t get scared, it’s easy!


Anchovies – how many? It is really up to you! How many people will eat with you? How much time do you want to spend preparing them?

Eggs – again depends on the above


Salt and Lemons

Add to the list a pair of thin plastic gloves that you will throw away after cleaning your anchovies!

When you get home with your bag full of anchovies you need to prepare them, as your anchovies are not ready yet!

Wear your gloves, to avoid the fish smell staying with you forever!

Take the anchovies in your hands one by one, and with your thumbs try to open them.

How do you do it? Hold one anchovy firmly with one hand, put your thumb in the hole where the head used to be and gently open it pushing your thumb inside the anchovy on the belly side: splatter!!!

When you finally manage to open your anchovy, like if it was an opened book, remove the bones.

Mix the eggs in a soup plate, whip them and dip the anchovies inside it.

Coat the dipped anchovies in breadcrumbs and get ready to fry!

There are a few small secrets for perfect fried fish (and any fried dish!).

First of all, choose your oil carefully: peanut oil!

Second piece of advice: use a skimmer to take your anchovies out of the hot oil and let them drain inside a colander – don’t put them on top of some kitchen paper to dry, put the paper under the colander but let the anchovies dry naturally, it will make them crunchy and dry!

Sprinkle with salt and serve with sliced lemon!


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