Cremeria Buonafede – Genova – Italy

This very tiny coffee place called Cremeria Buonafede – in Genoa – is one of my favourite ice-cream and coffee places!

It is located at the very end of Via Luccoli, in the old town, and it’s so small that it can welcome no more than 4-5 people at one time!

In Winter if you pass by, you can see a massive bowl of whipped cream waiting for you behind the window!

You can have your cream on top of your coffee or on top of your ice-cream and it is absolutely amazing!

This place is also famous for its “pinguino” ice-cream: choose your ice-cream (don’t expect 1000 different flavours, this place is ancient and you can find the old home-made classics!) and ask for a pinguino, they will dip it inside a bowl full of liquid chocolate – dark or milk – that will solidify touching the cold ice-cream!

Unfortunately, it was too hot this time and I had to eat my pinguino very quickly so… no photo: go and try it yourself you will have sticky hands and you will be happy!!!


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  1. I must remember for my next trip! … 🙂

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