Linguine with Seafood

Every time I’m somewhere on the seaside, if I have the chance, I love to eat some seafood and this dish is a very easy one and very tasty one too!

People can’t imagine how easy it is to prepare a good seafood sauce with some fresh tomatoes, and you will always surprise your guests!


I will not give you numbers, I would suggest you to go to your “famous” fishmonger and ask him/her for some seafood mix for the number of people who will eat with you!

In the seafood mix you should have some calamari or squid, some fish pieces, some cockles like clam chowder, mussels or any other local clams (it would be silly to give you a list of things that you might not find – eat local!!!!)

Cherry tomatoes, I don’t think there is an exact quantity, again it depends on the number of people eating and if you will like it full of tomatoes of not.

1 Glass of White Wine

1 – 2 Shallots (you can use onions instead)

1 Garlic clove

1 Parsley bunch


Olive oil

Linguine (this is a type of pasta, it looks like spaghetti but it is flatter. If you can not find it, use spaghetti or a different kind of pasta!)

Wash your clams and if you have time, leave them rest in cold water so they will spit out some sand – if they have any!

Prepare a soffritto by warming some olive oil into a frying pan and adding the chopped shallots and garlic.

It would be brilliant if you have a big wok or a big frying pan.

Pour the white wine on the soffritto and let it evaporate before adding the seafood mix (leave the clams aside for the moment), and let it cook 5 minutes.

While the seafood is cooking, chop your cherry tomatoes and your parsley and leave them aside for now.

In a different pot, cook the clams: do not add anything else, just the clams and cover it until all of them are opened.

When your clams are opened, you can add some of them with the shell to the seafood mix to obtain a nice effect!

Clean the rest, separating the inside from their shells, and add the inside to the cooking mix.

When the seafood is almost cooked, add the cherry tomatoes that you have already prepared, and let it cook a bit longer.

Rinse your linguine “al dente” and add it to the sauce, directly inside the wok –  or frying pan – mix well and pour some olive oil on top.

Before serving, sprinkle your sauce with the chopped parsley – it is better if the parsley doesn’t cook, keep it fresh for the very last minute!



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