Taggiôu – Genova – Italy

Taggiôu: in Ligurian dialect, this means ‘chopping board’! (Italian: Tagliere)

I thought the name was related to the fact that when you order a glass or a bottle of wine for your aperitivo, in great Italian style, they will serve a big chopping board full of fresh cheese and slices of ham, pancetta, salami…

Inside the little restaurant and aperitivo place – located in Vico superiore del ferro 8, behind Via Luccoli – you will notice that some of the tables have the shape of big chopping boards and now I am pretty sure that the reason for the name is not the chopping board full of food…greedy me!!!

You have a long list of wines and you can drink a single glass or order a bottle.

If you are starving they also propose a short menu including typical dishes like tartare with artichokes, minestrone, trofie with pesto

I find this place suggestive – there is even a tiny mezzanine with a few tables (which I have no idea how can fit there!)!

Ristorante Taggiôu


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