Polpa Mutti

What is Polpa Mutti?

– full description: “pomodori in finissimi pezzi” –

It is the best chopped tomatoes ever (if you can find it)!

Italians know how to make their pasta and perhaps they know how to make their pasta sauce too, but if you use this can of chopped tomatoes you can be “Italian” as well, when you prepare your pasta!

It is so nice that I honestly eat it cold while I’m using it to cook something!

Ingredients inside the can: Crushed tomatoes (100% certified Italian tomatoes) and salt: nothing else!

You can find two can sizes: 400 gr and 210 gr – the latter is very handy if you live alone or you need a small quantity.

I know you can buy it in Italy, France, UK and Switzerland for sure, because I found it.

If you are lucky and you find it, warm the content in a pan with a little bit of olive oil (you can add some more directly on the pasta after), buy some fresh basil, add some salt and you will have your perfect sauce for “pasta al pomodoro” – complete it with some Parmesan cheese of course.

Believe me these Mutti chopped tomatoes can make the difference!


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