Lemon Cake

This is the nice Tarte au Citron recipe that was in the June issue of Cuisine de Saison!!!

I had to try it, and I definitely think that Cuisine de Saison will appear more and more on my bookshelf from now on!

As I know that for most people it would be difficult to read the magazine in Italian, French or German, I’ve decided to be very kind with you and share part of this nice recipe!!!

Why just part of the recipe?

I am lazy, and I’ve bought a ready shortbread instead of baking it myself.

You can buy puff pastry or shortbread – the one you can find in the supermarket’s fridge – or of course, you can bake it yourself!

This cake is just incredibly easy, everyone can do it and feel like a chef! I love that!


1 roll of Shortbread or puffy pastry

4 Bio Lemons

5 Eggs

25 gr grated Coconut

80 gr Butter

150 gr Sugar

Peel one lemon and a half, being careful to take only the yellow zest part and not the white one.

Squeeze all the lemons and pour the juice into a big mixer together with the lemon zest!

Place all the other ingredients inside the mixer and spin it!

You will get a strange liquid, not well mixed cream, which is normal. I think the reason is that the lemon is acidic and it separates the eggs in a funny way.

It looks a bit like a curdled mayonnaise – in Italian we say that the mayonnaise went crazy!

Prepare your baking tin with the shortbread well spread on the bottom and pour inside all of the contents of the mixer.

Cook for 25 mins at 180° in a pre-heated oven!

The cake is very lemony and very nice!

PS: If you have time I would suggest you have a look at Cuisine de Saison (maybe online if you can not find it around)!


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