White Chocolate & Raspberry Dessert

It’s finally Summer and I wanted to prepare a cold dessert, so I’ve tweaked an old recipe that I found in my recipe notebook!

Summer is also the start of what I would call ” BBQ season“, and as I’ve been invited to a barbecue full of kids, I thought something sweet – very sweet – was needed.

I’m a “dark chocolate person” so it hasn’t been easy to taste this dessert while I was preparing it, but I think that white chocolate matches very well with a good sharp raspberry sauce!


150 gr dry Cookies (like digestive or “gallette marie”, oro saiwa etc…)

75 gr Butter

400 gr White Chocolate

150 ml Double Cream

3 spoons of Brown Sugar (if you have it – if you don’t, never mind, use normal sugar!)

150-200 gr of Raspberries

50 gr Dark Chocolate – but only if you want to complicate your life!

Mix the cookies, butter and one spoon of brown sugar and then with this mix, coat the bottom of a rectangular backing tin that you have previously covered with kitchen film.

If you have a nice glass plate I would definitely use that instead of the elaborate film!!!

Flatten the cookies mix well, with a spoon, and put it in the fridge.

Now if you are like me and you have the brilliant idea of making your life complicated, melt the dark chocolate and spread a thin layer on top of the cookies base.

Put the base back into the fridge and start breaking the white chocolate in pieces.

To melt the chocolate you can use two methods: a) put the chocolate inside the microwave or b) heat chocolate plus double cream inside a pot until you have a nice melted cream.

I would suggest you to do it in the “old way” as it will be easier, because adding the cold cream to the melted chocolate is not the easiest thing to do!

When your cream is ready, take your base out of the fridge and pour the cream inside.

After a first layer, position some raspberries inside and cover it with the remaining cream.

The dessert needs to go back into the fridge for at least a few hours. I would suggest you prepare this dessert one day in advance so it can rest in the fridge for one night and you will be sure it’ll be hard enough.

If you are worried that it isn’t hard enough, put it inside the freezer for one hour before serving but remember it is not an ice-cream (this will hopefully help you to remove the plastic film too).

To remove the film you can use a wet knife and re-spread and re-shape the sides a bit after as it’s sticky!

To make your sauce, mix the leftover raspberries with one or two spoons of sugar.

I’ve mixed the raspberries with two spoons of brown sugar.

Before serving decorate with the sauce.

My dessert was a bit too thick: the white chocolate was very sweet, so I would suggest you use a bigger tin rather than a smaller one so the chocolate creamy layer will be thinner.


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