Eataly – Genova – Italy


Eataly is a new concept: not just a restaurant, not just a shop!

The basic idea is to make regional food available and accessible to everyone, with quality and with reasonable prices.

Ok this is the basic idea… in reality it might be a bit different but let’s highlight the positive things and if you are in Italy, in New York or in Japan you can go and have a look yourself and I will be very interested to know what you think!

The location in Genoa is brilliant, just in front of the sea and the famous city Aquarium!

Take the elevator and go up – it’s at the top of the building – and you can enjoy the view and walk around like a tourist!

Eataly is collaborating with Slow Food to act in a responsible way – food wise!

But I will let you check all this more “corporate” information online and I will continue with the details of what you can find when you step inside!

Walking in, you will first see a bar/ information point and a marvellous fridge full of desserts!

(Try to remember where they are because if you decide to have lunch there, you will have to go back and grab your chosen one).

The first part of the shop is not so exciting. There are a few kitchen tools and gadgets, very nice and very expensive but there is no point to buy any because, honestly, you can find the same things around at a better price. But if you are a tourist and you are worried you will have no time, I will forgive you if you fall to this temptation!

After this small area you will walk into the Eataly heart and face a stall with fresh vegetables, a fresh salami and ham area and loads of fridges!!!!

Inside the fridges you can find many kinds of cheese and drinks but keep in mind that this is not a normal supermarket: the products are all Slow Food certified and you will not really be able to find the same things in a local supermarket.

You can find a lot of things, from pasta (of course: we’re in Italy!!!!), jars and jars full of sauces, pesto, mushrooms, jams

There is a wine and a beer area – the beers are from everywhere!

The olive oil area has a real olive tree in the middle! (I have no idea how it is surviving.)

A few cooking books can be found on the bookshelves, some of them are quite interesting and are linked to regional dishes.

If you speak a bit of Italian I would suggest you to get this tiny book titled: “La Cucina Della Liguria“, printed by Slow Food: 4 € really well spent!

What is interesting is that you can eat there.

At the end of your food shopping tour, you will see a few blackboards reporting the daily menu and on the side area there are tables at large windows.

If you want to try some nice food and you are not brave enough to face the city alleys (these will take you from the port to the city centre, and are populated with nice restaurants), then grab a seat and enjoy the sea-side view!

If you are local, Eataly organises cooking courses and various events.

Honestly it’s a nice place to have a look at, especially if you want a taste of Italy but, unfortunately,  you don’t have the chance to travel around too much.

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