Cheesecake With Strawberry Sauce

This is my first Cheesecake!

A few weeks ago I went for dinner to a family friend’s house and she made this brilliant cheesecake!

Of course, her one was white like snow and mine…is a bit more cooked – let’s say…

The original recipe, that she gave to me, was made for a massive size cake!!!

I will share with you both versions: my smaller one and her giant one!

In brackets you will find the original quantities.


For the base:

200 gr (300 gr) dry Cookies like Digestive

100 gr (150 gr) Butter

1 Spoon of Brown Sugar

For the inside:

600 gr (1 Kg) Philadelphia cheese – you can use Philadelphia light or any basic white spreadable cheese

2 (3) Eggs

2 spoons of Brown Sugar or 1 sachet of Vanillina (not to sure how to translate it in English)

2 Spoons of Double Cream

160 gr (200 gr) Sour Cream + 2 spoons of Brown Sugar or 1 sachet of Vanillina – second layer

For the covering sauce:

Strawberries and Brown Sugar

First of all prepare your cookies base: put the cookies, the brown sugar and the butter into a mixer and spin it until the cookies are turned into “cookiescrumbs” mixed with the rest.

Put the mix inside a baking dish, I used a transparent one so you can see all the layers and also, as I was worried that taking out the entire cheese cake would have been a disaster (come on, we are not all perfect chefs!)

Flatten the mix with a spoon and put it inside the freezer, while you prepare the other parts.

Clean your mixer and put inside every ingredient listed for the inside, except the sour cream and 2 spoons of brown sugar (you will use them to create a second layer).

Pour the mixed cream on top of the base and let it cooks for 15-20 mins (30-40 mins: if you prepared the giant cake!) at 160°.

My oven cooks very quickly and I still not used to it, so my cake took a little bit of colour on the top!

Mix the sour cream with 2 spoons of brown sugar, spread it on top of the previous layer and put the cake back in the oven for 10 more minutes.

Don’t ask me why we need a second layer: I have no idea!

This second layer is part of the original recipe. Honestly I think it’s not mandatory to have it, so leave it out if you don’t find the sour cream or you wanna keep it easy, I’m sure that one layer will be enough.

Leave your cheesecake to cool down – I would even prepare it one day in advance so it has time to rest in the fridge during the night.

Prepare the strawberry sauce blending the strawberries into a puree.

I will not give you a precise quantity for the sauce, it is up to you, but remember to add some brown sugar to the strawberry puree.

Cover your cheesecake with a thick layer of strawberry sauce and put it inside the fridge for at least a few hours before serving.

You can also add the sauce just before serving.


  1. Looks great..and it was your first too! Did you need to add non-stick to the pan or no?

  2. Thank you 🙂 so far i didn’t add anything, (the butter mixed with the cookies should do it…)
    Hoping I will manage to slice it as I’m taking it to my friend birthday…fingers cross, I’ll let you know.
    You can use some baking paper, I usually wet it and rinse it before, so it’s easier to manage but I’m pretty sure you know it! 😉

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