Fruits Of The Forest Tart

I’ve tweaked a recipe again!

I took the last issue of Sale & Pepe (thanks for the inspiration!) and adjusted one of the recipes based on what I had in my kitchen!


Part I

400 gr Fruits of the forest – mine were frozen!

100 gr Brown Sugar

25 gr Butter

1 glass containing Strawberry puree made of fresh – or frozen – strawberries and some brown sugar (check the cheesecake recipe, my glass was left over from that recipe)

Part II

180 gr Butter

160 gr Sugar – either brown or normal

1 pinch of Salt

4 Eggs

1 sachet of Baking powder

240 gr Flour

First let’s prepare your baking tin!

Take a baking paper sheet, wash it and rinse it, and after cover the baking tin.

I fixed my paper to the tin using a few pegs!

Take all the ingredients listed in “Part I” and let them cook in a pan until the sugar and the butter are melted.

Pour everything on top of your well prepared kitchen paper and put it aside, for the moment.

At this point, as I am super lazy, I used my “loyal” mixer!

Step 1: Mix sugar and butter. Step 2: Add the 4 eggs and mix it again. Step 3: Put the flour, salt and baking powder inside the mixer and spin it until you obtain a nice batter!

At this point, the going gets tough: take a big spoon or a cooking paddle and try gently to position all the batter on top of the fruit of the forest mix.

The mix is liquid, so you will have to put light layers of batter gently on top of it.

If you put down a big spoon full of batter it will reach the bottom of the tin, moving the fruits mix aside.

When you are done, you can flatten the batter a bit to make it more uniform – use the kitchen paddle.

Bake the cake for 30 mins at 180°.

Let the cake cool down before turning it over on a big plate; peel the baking paper and serve.

The cake is nice slightly warm served with ice-cream.


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