Sushi Misuji – Geneva – Switzerland

Sushi Misuji is a small sushi bar just opposite the UNImail, at the end (or the beginning) of Plainpalais.

In Summer, it has a space outside with a few very tall – and uncomfortable – tables facing the road and the university.

In Winter, it’s so full during the weekends that it’s always preferable to reserve a table!

And, when it’s full, just be ready to wait for your food: the great thing about this place is that they make your sushi in front of you!

There is a nice big guy, that reminds me a bit of a sumo wrestler, all dressed up, preparing your nigiri.

I’m a big green tea drinker and the one served here is very nice!

The Miso soup is not bad either!

In the menu you can find a few salads including, of course, seaweed: try to order the black seaweed, it’s an interesting one!

At Sushi Misuji they have something I’m very jealous of: nice, colourful, rounded sushi trays!

If you order a lot of sushi they will serve all the pieces inside one of these stylish trays!

(Unfortunately I don’t have a picture of it, if you want to see it, you know what you will have to do!)

Sushi is good! I’ve discovered mackerel and “loup” which in French is “Loup de mer ” but translates as “sea wolf” in English….they are both good, but I truly hope it wasn’t “wolf”!!!

Anyway, all the sushi or sashimi pieces are delicious so the choice will be an easy one to make!

If you need a dessert to finish your dinner happily I can tell you that I’ve “sacrified” myself and tried all of them for you!

As you would expect they serve green tea ice-cream and also ginger ice-cream!

Less Japanese, but also nice, is a chocolate flan.

Very interesting is a small cake that looks like a tall muffin or a flan and is soft and slightly wet: it is a green tea dessert with a passion fruit heart!

This is a good revisted version of a local cake with both an exotic and Japanese taste!



  1. Your pictures are fabulous. I especially like the sashimi picture!

  2. Thank you! I’m using my phone, I’ve decided I wanted real photos, no photoshop!

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