Indochine – Geneva – Switzerland


Japponais, Vietnamien, Thai

Rue de Lausanne 49, 1202 Geneva

Every lunchtime, lately, I’ve walked by this restaurant located in the city centre, very close to the train station.

It is not the kind of restaurant that would usually catch my attention but, every lunchtime, it seems to be full of clients, and most importantly, full of Asian clients too.

I’ve decided to give it a chance, and with a friend, I stopped for lunch.

I didn’t try the buffet – I always have the feeling that is not the most “fresh” thing – and I didn’t try the Japanese either (as I would stick to a 100% Japanese restaurant for that), so I ordered some random  noodles.

The menu is very long, you have some photos to help you out, but after, unless you know very well what to order, you better flip a coin!

I flipped mine and I got these really nice noodles with big prawns and vegetables, all cooked in soy sauce or something similar.

My friend was definitely more brave than me: she ordered some fried beef noodles with vegetables.

The noodles were very, very, very crunchy!!!

The beef was a bit greasy but overall, not too bad at all.

The vegetable selection was different for the two plates – I found this to be a good sign!

We didn’t try any of the soups, though they looked very good (because it was a roasting day), but I will go back in winter to check them out.


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  1. Looks like a great meal! I love Vietnamese food!

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