Aubergine Polpettone

Polpettone means big polpetta and polpetta translated as meat ball! Traditional polpettone recipes include meat so I guess this is, more or less, the reason why we still call this “vegetable loaf” Polpettone!

Do you remember the Potatoes and Green Beans Loaf I made some time ago?

This is a different new version, absolutely delicious!

The principle is very similar but you use aubergines and the taste reminds me a bit of Lebanese or Moroccan recipes!


1 Garlic clove

A fist of dry Mushrooms – Porcini mushrooms are the best!

800 gr Aubergines – 4 medium size aubergines

3 Eggs

100 gr Ricotta cheese (or some similar cheese if you can’t find it)

30 gr Breadcrumbs

50 gr Milk (not mandatory)

50 gr Parmesan cheese

Salt, some herbs – depending on what you have – and Olive oil

Place the mushrooms inside a little bowl full of warm water until they are soft again.

Useful tip: I keep my dry mushrooms inside the freezer, they are dry so they get crispy but the real great thing is that they do not go bad in Summer or if it’s a bit hot.

Chop the garlic and let it cook with the olive oil  in a big frying pan (soffritto).

Rinse the mushrooms, keep their water, chop them and add them to the garlic.

Cut all the aubergines in pieces and put them in the pan with the rest.

Add half of a glass of the mushroom filtered water, cover the pan and let everything cook while you deal with the rest.

Grate your Parmesan and your bread – if you have dry bread and not ready breadcrumbs – and then put them aside.

Put the content of your frying pan inside a big mixer and blend it to obtain a rough cream.

Add the eggs, the Parmesan cheese, the ricotta, breadcrumbs, the milk (not mandatory), salt and pepper and mix it all.

Cover a baking tin with a very thin layer of olive oil and breadcrumbs, or use some baking paper, and pour the mix inside the tin!

Sprinkle the top of your Polpettone with breadcrumbs and herbs – I had a Lebanese mix and I used that – pour a bit of olive oil on top and cook for 30 mins at 180°.

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