PIMM’s Classic With Mint Ice Cubes

Those who know me will definitely say that I am not a big drinker – or, that I am not a drinker at all.

I’ve disappointed a lot of friends who tried to order me drinks that I’ve never touched.

A weird kind of Italian indeed!

But during my London years I discovered this inseparable aperitivo “friend”!

I went crazy to find a bottle in Geneva but I’ve succeeded and it’s finally PIMM’S time!!!

You can mix PIMM’s with a lot of different things – the PIMM’s website suggests a few different recipes but I’ve choose the PIMM’s Original one, which is still my unbeaten favourite one!


1 bottle of PIMM’S No.1

1 bottle of  Lemonade

Mint leaves

1 Cucumber

A few Strawberries

Mix one part of PIMM’s with 3 parts of lemonade, add the mint leaves, the pealed cucumber and the strawberries sliced in medium-big pieces.

Be a bit creative and put a mint leaf inside each ice cube!

It’s super easy: jsut place a leave in each cube spot before pouring water inside gently and put it back in the freezer!

Serve cold with ice cubes; if you have the chance, do it outside in a garden during a fresh summer evening!



  1. Sotiris

    I too am looking for pimms could you help as to where you bought it from?

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