The Original Tiramisù

Tiramisù is THE Italian dessert!

I have no idea why!

But if you are Italian, everyone will expect you to make a good tiramisù, it is not important if you can make any other dessert, you will have to make it at least once!

So here is my once!


4 Eggs

400 gr Mascarpone cheese

500 gr Savoiardi cookies (or similar)

100 gr Sugar

1/4 l Coffee

Dark chocolate

A pinch of Salt

Prepare a very light coffee and add some cold water to it, with a few spoons of sugar.

If you have instant coffee: go for it!

Whip the egg whites with a pinch of salt – the harder they get, the better.

Put them to one side.

Beat the yolks with the sugar and when you will have a light orange cream, add the mascarpone cheese and mix everything together.

Pour the white of the eggs gently inside the mascarpone mix and very kindly try to make it into one soft cream but don’t use the mixer, you can use a wooden spoon.

When your cream is ready, you need to start assembling your tiramisù.

I put a thin layer of cream to cover the bottom of the dessert dish, after I add a first layer of cookies dipped into the coffee.

When my first layer is complete, I add some chunky pieces of dark chocolate as I love to find a crunchy surprise inside my tiramisù.

You don’t have to do it but people usually really like it!

Cover with a layer of cream, another layer of cookies, another layer of cream and garnish everything with grated dark chocolate!

I use grated dark chocolate instead of cocoa powder for two simple reasons: I like it more, and you can prepare the tiramisù in advance without worrying that the cocoa powder will get wet and make your tiramisù look like it was made 3 days before.

Put it inside the fridge for a few hours before serving as you have to leave time to let the cookies get nicely soft.



  1. Cat

    Tried it your way, my first time… Wish me luck! 🙂

  2. Cat

    They liked it a lot! And your idea of choc chunks is great, because they are yummy and because I couldn’t find any cocoa powder (that’s a problem for my next cappuccino though).
    I didn’t use the electric mixer, but I might have to take it out of its box, as the eggs white wasn’t very hard and leaving is aside, while mixing the rest, made it go back to liquid a bit.
    Anyway, great success for a first timer. Thank you!!

  3. Cat

    Hehe, grazie!
    I have to make more on Saturday, will go for the mixer. 🙂

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