How To Be A Domestic Goddess

Title: How to be a Domestic Goddess

Intro: Baking and the art of comfort cooking

Language: English

Author: Nigella Lawson

Why I like it:

This book was a present and I still have the card that came with it inside.

The card says: “You are already pointed in the right direction, but I hope this will give you some more ideas…”

This is the main reason why I like this book!

I don’t want to be a domestic goddess and most of all, you need to be just that if you want to make any of these recipes – they are so complicated!!!

Nigella is very famous and very appreciated but I find her recipes so difficult with no real need to be so elaborate.

I take inspiration from this book and, now that I am a bit more advanced, I will try to use it again, but if you are a beginner this is definitely not your book!

It will get on your nerves just reading the ingredients list: caster sugar, icing sugar, muscovado sugar, the best chocolate, royal icing

My kitchen is too small for all of that!

Some of the recipes have no photos either, so you need to imagine what it will look like at the end.

Personally, I strongly believe that a good cooking book should have at least one photo per recipe!

That said, she is a cooking guru – or Goddess apparently – and I am not, so I will let you judge this book yourself if you pick it up somewhere.

I will try to use some recipes and make it simple for me and for you, so let’s see what will happen!

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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