Carouge Market – Geneva – Switzerland

Geneva has a lot of markets, one per district at least, but the one closest to my neighborhood is definitely the one that makes me get up early on Saturday mornings!

The Carouge area is like a different world, a small village in the city, and on Saturday morning it’s full of colours for this little market based in “Place du marché“.

The area is nice, you can go for a walk, look at the Salève mountain and enjoy the atmosphere.

You can have a coffee at the bar of the cinema or a pink cupcake at the cupcake café!

The number of stalls changes between seasons, but you can always find fresh vegetables and fruits, bread and cheese.

Flowers and wine, mushrooms and honey.

If you get there around lunch time you can eat at the market and you have some different choices:

A Lebanese stall prepares very nice home-made pitta bread and fills it with ingredients that you can mix and match! Buy hummus here, I really recommend it!

Another interesting choice is a Colombian stall that a Colombian friend of mine assures me is the best place where to eat real Colombian food in the whole city!

Recently I saw that there is a new stall that offers oysters and wine, if you feel like being posh during your Saturday morning food shopping!

If you want to make the most of your market morning don’t get there too late because around lunch time, the market starts to shut down and you will be very disappointed.


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  1. Violantina

    Servizio molto carino

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