Frozen Yoghurt – Geeks Way!

This weekend in Geneva there was “La Nuit de la Science“, a Science weekend, and I managed to assist in the preparation of a great frozen Yoghurt!

The geek chefs gave me their recipe and I have documented the preparation with photos.

It’s easy, there’s nothing much to say about it, but it might be a bit complicated to find the most important ingredient…


Yoghurt, any flavour you like

Liquid Nitrogen

Chocolate for decoration or colourful Sugar bits, nuts

Put a big quantity of yoghurt in a wooden bowl and get ready to stir constantly while adding your liquid nitrogen – nitrogen temperature must be lower than -147°C, if not it will be a gas and not a liquid!

Be careful, use a pair of gloves and stir constantly!

Your yoghurt will slowly refrigerate and it’ll transform into a nice, healthy frozen yoghurt dessert!

I tried it – it was good!

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