Fête De La Tomate – Carouge – Switzerland

This weekend I went to the 14th edition of “La Fête de la tomate” and even if it was my third time, I still loved it!

It’s a small festival that takes place every year around the middle of July in Carouge – Geneva.

This festival celebrates Swiss tomatoes in all their different colours!

I had no idea how many variety of tomatoes exist – I knew green tomatoes from the movie “Fried Green Tomatoes” that my gramma loved so much – but I didn’t know that there are yellow tomatoes, pink, black and orange tomatoes!

And, most of all, I really had no idea that they can all grow in Switzerland!

Here you could try them all (and you could buy them too!)!

You can find other things made with tomato like a very nice tomato bread that was baked fresh all day.

As we are in Switzerland, cheese was not missing and you could buy some really nice “brebis and chevre” cheese, on top of the more classic Gruyere.

The Fête de la tomate gives you the great opportunity to try local products and buy directly from the producer.

Usually each stand give you a small bite of what they are selling so you can try it before buying! (I tried EVERYTHING!)

I bought some really tasty tomato caviar and some great cheese but you could also find truffles,  truffle oil, truffle caviar, cakes – there was a lemon cake that looked very similar to the recipe I posted a month ago – lentils, milk, salami and more and more.

The weather was kind to us and we decided to eat at the festival, and even if my heart got broken when I read that in French they call small pigs “cochon de lait“, I decided to be brave and I ordered my “porchetta” with potatoes gratin and stuffed tomatoes.

Before leaving we couldn’t resist listening to a little concert that, with full bellies, sounded even nicer!


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