Colourful Tomatoes Quiche

In my fridge I had all these colourful tomatoes that I bought at the “Tomato Fête” and I decided to bake a sweet and salty quiche (a very easy recipe)!

I used mustard, an interesting ingredient for cooking and salads that I am learning how to use just recently, but that I still don’t like inside hot dogs or hamburgers.


1 roll of ready to use Puff Pastry – I really can’t be bothered to make it, I know I am lazy but I find the whole wheat one that is sold here very tasty.

1 big spoon of Mustard

1 big spoon of Sour cream (Creme fraiche – panna acidula)

A selection of a few tomatoes – different colours

Mustard seeds, Salt, Brown Sugar, Olive oil and Thyme

Cover a baking tray with the puff pastry.

Stir the mustard with the sour cream and spread it on top of the puff pastry to create a uniform layer.

I sprinkled it with some mustard seeds – don’t go crazy if you don’t have them, it’s not a big deal.

Slice all the different tomatoes and put them on top of the creamy layer.

When you are done, and you have covered the entire surface, sprinkle the tomatoes with salt, brown sugar, thyme and olive oil.

Fold the leftover pastry towards the inside and put the quiche in the oven for 20 mins at 180°.

Let it cool down before serving, it’s nicer when it’s cold or just a bit warm.

My slice looks dark because I used the whole grain puff pastry and because in the evening the natural light is not enough for a crispy photo!


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