Olive Sauce – Pizza Topping

This time I am not really writing a whole recipe, I am more telling you how I made pizza last night to try to give you some inspiration.

I prepared my dough in the morning and let it rise while I was out; when I came back it definitely looked ready!

The first idea was to have a vegetarian pizza without mozzarella but after, I went to the supermarket and saw a nice buffalo mozzarella…and I couldn’t resist!

I had an Aubergine, a Pepper and some Green and Black Olives at home, so these were the ingredients to be used!

The main idea was to chop the olives and mix them with the chopped tomatoes to make a nice olive sauce.

Spread the sauce on top of the dough and cover it with grilled peppers and grilled aubergines!

As you can see from the final photo I used the buffalo mozzarella and it was definitely not a mistake!


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