Super Creamy Apple Cake

This apple cake is amazing!

I am not telling you this because it’s a recipe on my blog, but because in general, though I don’t like apple tarts, cakes or tarte tatins, this one is incredibly nice and incredibly easy to bake!


600 gr of Cooking Apples – 5-6 apples (I used normal apples because I didn’t have cooking apples)

200 gr Brown Sugar

50 gr Almonds

3 Eggs

1 Lemon

1 pot of Natural Yogurt – it’s also nice with vanilla yogurt or nuts yogurt

1 yogurt pot filled with Peanut Oil – or 70 gr of Butter

1 sachet Yeast

1 pinch of Salt

200 gr Flour

Peel all but one of your apples; slice them very thin – I used one of these tools for slicing vegetables – and sprinkle them with some lemon juice.

Mix the brown sugar with the almonds to make it into a rough powder – or buy the almonds already chopped.

Add all the other ingredients to the sugar and almond mix.

Use the yogurt pot as a measure for the oil quantity.

Mix everything and when you have a nice cream, pour half of the contents into a baking tray.

Cover the cream with a layer of apples, using all the ones you have already cut.

Cover the apples with a final layer of the cream.

At this point I peeled the last apple and decorated my cake by sprinkling it with some almonds and brown sugar, and then baked it for 30-40 mins at 180°.

The real secret is to leave this cake a bit uncooked in the middle so when you cut it, the centre will be very creamy!

Usually this cake doesn’t last more than one day in my kitchen….


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  1. Violantina

    brava credo che la provero, sai che adoro le torte di mele

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