Bains Des Paquis – Geneva – Switzerland

In Geneva everyone knows the Bains des Paquis and everyone hates or loves them for one reason or another.

What everyone loves is the “plat du jour” because every day you can order just that plate – the same one for everyone one – that is always different and, most of all, that is a great deal for 14 to 16 CHF!

Of course you have a few additional choices of different salads and a cheese and dry meat dish, but the real catch is the big plate du jour!

I personally really enjoy the “suspense” of discovering the mystery dish!

Most of the time the big plate will have a salad and something else that will vary depending on the season.

I had dinner and lunch here a few times already and, almost every time, I went for the plat du jour!

In winter, I had risotto and chicken, pumpkin and lentils, cheese and potatoes, in summer I had “vitel tonnè“, lentils and carrots salad, white fish with curry sauce, “filet de perche” with a delicious yogurt and olives sauce!

And, if you don’t like what is on the board you can always order a juicy Greek salad with chunky tomato pieces, feta cheese, a lot of red onions and cucumber!

The view is nice, you are sitting on a table just in the middle of the lake!

The atmosphere is very relaxed – be patience you’ll have to queue – and in winter, if you want to eat a cheese fondue you better book your place in advance, if not you might not eat at all.

A few additional tips: get there not later than 8 pm because at 10 pm they will kick you out! (not kidding!)

If you are a fussy about cleaning, organisation and timing this is definitely not your place!

In a cold sunny winter day go to Bains des Paquis for lunch with friends and kids, the atmosphere is restorative and refreshing!



  1. Went to Geneva last year for the firs time and loved it. Great pictures in your blog!

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