Mini Almond “Cannoli Siciliani”

I thought that making Cannoli Siciliani would have been very easy, most of all because I bought the readymade “shells”!!!

But…I was not entirely right!

This was my first attempt and I will definitely have to try it again, but, learning from my mistakes, I’m giving you a better recipe!

You can prepare the cookie shells but they are fried and I didn’t want to go crazy and have my tiny kitchen smell forever, so I bought the readymade ones (you should be able to find it in a supermarket in Italy or in an Italian deli), and I concentrated on the cream inside.


Cookie shells for Cannoli Siciliani

200 gr Ricotta cheese – choose a VERY firm one

100 gr Icing Sugar

50 gr Dark chocolate

50 gr Almonds reduced to a rough powder

A few drops of Almond extract

Get rid of all the ricotta whey – the best thing to do is to sieve the ricotta – and then mix together the sugar and ricotta and add a few drops of almond extract.

Chop the dark chocolate into small pieces and add it to the ricotta cream. Put the bowl in the fridge for between 30 mins and 1 hour.

Get ready to fill your cannoli cookies with the ricotta cream; be aware that it is not very easy if your ricotta cream is too liquidy (like mine!!!)!

I managed to do it but it was a bit complicated – a real nightmare!!! – because you fill from one side and  everything comes out the other side!!!

In the best case scenario – when your cream is firm – sprinkle the two sides of your cannoli with the rough almond powder. This will also help you to keep the cream inside.

Put the cannoli inside the fridge (as they are nice when they are a bit cold) but don’t leave them for too long as the cookie part is great when it’s crunchy!

The cannoli tasted good, even if making them was a super mess and the cream didn’t keep the desired consistency!


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