La Cruggia Dal Punt – Valsesia – Italy

Last weekend, with some friends we decided to be sporty and we went to the green – and very often wet – Valsesia for a great rafting weekend!

As everyone knows, the mountain wakes up a big appetite and you can be sure it will be satisfied in this lovely restaurant called La Cruggia dal Punt”.

La Cruggia dal Punt is a restaurant created with passion and love for food by its kind owner Enrica and her husband, who decided to renovate an old family house keeping the original structure and materials from 1600 – it is very suggestive!

They haven’t just preserved the original atmosphere but, they have also decided to cook local recipes, jealously treasured in an ancient family cooking book.

The restaurant is open just during the weekends, and it proposes a fix menu that includes a great variety of dishes, all based on ingredients seasonality.

Enrica will take you through all the menu and she will explain to you what she will serve and the particularity of each dish.

I will describe what I eaten, but you can be sure that the menu will always be composed by a few starters, a glorious risotto, two main courses with a side dish, local cheese, dessert, coffee and the house wine!

This incredible menu costs 30€ per person!

We started with a very particular Grappa Ricotta served with some brown bread, followed by local salami – including a tasty cow salami.

A broccoli and scamorza cheese strudel and truffle fondue voulevant followed and close the starters series.

In this region the mushroom season has just started so our risotto was indeed mushroom risotto.

The two main courses were meat dishes, one was an incredibly tender sliced beef called “brasato alla Gattinara” and the other one was minced donkey called “tapulone di asino“.

The two meat dishes were accompanied by a “polenta bramata“, a side dish made of corn flour.

If at this point of your dinner you feel that you have some space left, don’t worry because you still have to try at least two typical cheeses from this area, one of which is goat cheese.

Enrica will not let you go without a cup of her vanilla ice cream with blueberry sauce and whipped cream, so you should make sure that you will have now a bit more space because this dessert is worth a try.

If you are in the area, or if you feel like doing a day excursion away from Milan, make sure you book a table – as booking is mandatory (+39 345 100 10 11 – Address: Cantone S. Antonio, 53, City, Rassa).

The food is amazing, the owners are your best hosts, my photos are definitely not enough – the light didn’t help either – you should go and try every dish yourself, spending a day in the area and eating something very special in the evening.

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