La Maison Rouge – Geneva – Switzerland

Carouge is indeed my favourite area in town, it always surprises me with its secret gardens and restaurants.

La Maison Rouge is a lovely old red house hidden between big buildings. At the back it has a very nice quiet garden full of little lights where you can sit end enjoy your dinner, feeling like you were in the countryside! The inside is a mix of different rooms, at different levels, all very cosy and homely.

The service was remarkable, our waiter was very competent, efficient and very friendly.

The menu proposes a list of interesting revisited dishes: the starters are quite exciting and we ordered a “Confident d’avocat aux aromates du sud et sa rosace de saumon marinée aux agrumes“!

The name is fancy, very fancy – French plates always sound fancy!

I vote for this plate as the best dish of my dinner!

I’ve bought all the ingredients and I will try to make it soon and I will share it the recipe with you as it was very fresh and very tasty!

The list of main courses is catchy too – the names of every dish are again very long so it took us ages to decide what to order – but in the end, we went for a fish dish and a duck one.

Both dishes were accompanied by a vegetable selection – baby crispy potatoes and a mix of vegetables, probably steamed.

The fish dish was “Filet de Saint-Pierre roti, jous court, artichauts poivrade a la Barigoule et saveurs du sud“, meaning some kind of white fish with artichokes – one! – cooked in a nice sauce with some additional vegetables.

The duck dish had, of course, a fancy name too – “Magret de canard roti aux épices Thai e miel de montagne“.

The duck was very well cooked and it tasted a bit sweet and sour – I guess it was because of the mountain honey!

At this point it was time to choose a dessert and though I usually eat chocolate desserts, I am forcing myself to try new things so I ordered a “Gratin de fruits rouges en sabayon à la pistache et sa boulle de glace“.

I can’t say I loved it but it was nicely presented and it had a very interesting mix of flavours that were well combined together.

On the menu you could also find some pasta and rice dishes; the pasta dishes were not tempting for an Italian and a risotto was definitely too hot for a warm summer evening, but the menu changes for every season, so it will be a good idea to go back in Autumn.

Quick tip: the restaurant is open Monday to Friday; during the weekends it opens only on demand.


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