Summery Avocado Tartare

The last time I went to a restaurant I tried something like this “Summery tartare” and I promised I was going to share the recipe with you!

I don’t know if the original recipe is really like the one I invented but the result was good, and I even created a second version.

For the first version I used pink grapefruit, and for the second one I used watermelon instead.

I also bought a new little “kitchen toy” to be able to create this dish!

I don’t think this kitchen tool has a name: it is composed of two pieces, a thin metal tube, shorter than a cup, and a plastic part that can be insert inside the tube.

A friend of mine, who is Pesto King and a chef, said that he used to press the ingredients inside the tube with his hands, so if you don’t find the second part I guess it will not be a problem – honestly it was inside my tool box and I found it handy.

Ok ready to go!


(One avocado makes 2 starters)

1-2 Avocados

1 Spring Onion

1 big Tomato (or a few cherry tomatoes)

Fresh Chives

1 Pink Grapefruit or a slice of Watermelon


Cut the avocado and the tomato in small pieces; chop the spring onion and cut tiny chives rounded pieces; mix everything together.

Separate all the cut ingredients in two bowls.

Version 1: Add some pink grapefruit cut in small pieces and some of the grapefruit juice to the bowl.

Version 2: Add some small watermelon cubes and some watermelon juice to the other bowl.

Salt both bowls.

Put the mix inside a colander and pour the juice away.

Place your metal ring inside a plate and fill it with one of the two mixes and then press it with the plastic piece – or with your hands.

If the mix is giving away some more juice, hold the ring, tilt the plate a bit and let the juice strain away.

Decorate the plate and serve it cool.

I like both versions, the grapefruit one has a bit more “character” and the watermelon one is more delicate, but both of them are really fresh and a very scenic starter (and pretty easy to make too)!

One comment

  1. I’m going to try this…looks very good. I’ll have to use a mini mason jar and a large espresso tamper for the mold but what fun is a kitchen if you don’t get to improvise? Thanks for the useful post.

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