Light Yogurt Dressing

I am a “purist”: I dress my salad most of the time with a good balsamic vinegar, a tasty olive oil and a sprinkle of salt.

In Summer, as quite often a salad is my main course – and only course – I also enjoy something that give me the feeling that my salad is actually “something more”, so I change my dressing habits and I use quite often natural yogurt!

There isn’t a prefect recipe, you can change the herbs and the quantities. I will share with you the version I prepare more often to give you some inspiration and you can create your own version.


1 Natural Yogurt


Olive Oil

A few drops of Lemon Juice


Mustard seeds

Chop the chives and mix all the ingredients together. Taste it to decide the lemon, olive oil and salt quantities.

Add the mustard seeds if you want a spicy texture, if not leave them out.

I really like this dressing sauce on mix salads full of different vegetables, on thin sliced cucumber salad or even as a sauce for meat and fish.

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