La Caravane Passe – Geneva – Switzerland

La Caravane Passe is a nice Lebanese and Egyptian restaurant located in a quiet road of Paquis, very close to the lake side.

In Summer, you can sit outside under a red porch and enjoy the chilled atmosphere drinking some very tasty mint tea.

In Winter, the inside of the restaurant will welcome you with a variety of warm red and orange colours and with very simple furniture that creates a cosy environment.

The menu proposes a good mix of “mezzès” (Tapas) so if you like you could also stop here for an aperitivo and, if you are greedy like us, you can order “Les assiettes d’assortiments“, which are big plates containing a very generous selection of mezzes.

We tried a “Traditional” and a “Vegetarian” mezze selection dish and they were both very nice and well presented.

Both dishes included Hummus, Falafel, Aubergine Caviar, Tzaziki and Garlic aubergines.

The Traditional dish also included some spicy chicken, a long meatball –Kafta, I think!- and some raisin cuscus.

The Vegetarian dish was a little bit different as instead of the meat it had “Fatayer au fromage” meaning a kind of cheese cigar, or in this case ravioli, a lot of chickpeas and some Taboulè.

On the menu you can also find a second vegetarian option – finally some choice! – that is called “L’Egyptienne” that seemed to be very interesting too, but we were so full already that it will be for another time!

Portions are generous and come with a small basket full of warm pita bread.

If you have time before the end of the summer, I would definitely recommend you go while you can sit outside and enjoy the lake breeze that sneaks up Paquis’s little roads.


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