La Cucina a Impatto (quasi) Zero

Title: La cucina a impatto (quasi) zero.

Intro: Scarti, avanzi e gustose ricette

Language: Italian

Publisher: Gribaudo

Why I like it:

The book is divided into 2 sections: a long introduction part that explains how to eat more sustainably and how to act more sustainable in your kitchen and a second part dedicated to recipes.

The introduction is a mild explanation of the positive effects of a sustainable food approach.

I appreciated the fact that the topic is not described in a very extreme way and the book gives some interesting – and reasonable – advice, which is easy to follow to eat better, spend less and most of all, feel better.

What you read is quite obvious, nowadays, if you start looking at a more sustainable ways to eat but it is always quite nice – and useful – to refresh what you already know.

Don’t think that eating sustainable means being vegan (!) – Me? Vegan? Ahem, forget it! Eating sustainable means to buy local, by season and cook fish or meat no more than 1-2 times per week, choosing fish in season or from a certified fish nursery, and buy bio certified meat.

In some countries it’s more difficult and more expensive than in others, but if you have the chance to have a look at this book or at any similar books, you can find that improving your eating habits could be easier than you thought.

The recipes are listed by season and by product and give you some ideas to use parts of fruits and vegetables that most of the time we throw away.

Totally not sure about “grilled fish bones”!!! – but I will definitely try the oranges and onion chutney and a few other interesting recipes!

*I am quoting this book for various recipes in the blog.


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