Chalet Sanon – Seiser Alm – BZ – Italy

Holiday time, hiking time and, well deserved, eating time!!!

After a ‘long’ walk in the spectacular “Alpe di Siusi” we stopped for lunch at the Chalet Sanon.

You can sit in front of the “Sasso piatto e Sasso lungo” (literally flat stone and long stone mountains!) and enjoy the typical Sud Tirol food served by a very kind waiter!

In summer the scenario is green, incredibly green, and in winter you will face the nordic ski rings!

The little “baita” is a nice wood construction and you can almost smell the wood while you are waiting for your food – probably we were just starving!!!

The menu is quite long and the choice was very difficult so I ended up ordering a “Tris of Canederli and Gnocchetti with mushrooms“, plus a very fresh cabbage salad.

The main dish included a very generous portion of 2 cheese Canaderli and 2 spinach Canederli plus some green and white gnocchetti with mushrooms.

It was a great dish! And if you never tried any of those, this plate is a very intelligent way to order one thing and try 3! – I am greedy!

The cabbage salad is something I usually forget but it’s a good way of eating white cabbage – sliced very thin, mixed with a few cummin seeds and dressed with olive oil, lemon and salt!
The secret is to slice the cabbage very, very thin – you can use one of these blade tools for slicing vegetables, potatoes and so on.

If you have the chance to get up here in the mountains this is definitely a good place to eat between a walk and a hike, it’s easy to reach and the view is very nice!

Prices are ok too so enjoy the great sud Tirol food if you can; if not…. I am going to share a few recipes soon! Be patient!!!


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