Observer Food Monthly – August 2012

Title: Observer Food Monthly

Intro: Issue No 135 – August 2012

Language: English

Published once a month as a supplement of the Sunday Observer newspaper – English version.

Why I like it:

Oh I miss it so much!!! I can find ‘the Guardian’ here – or as it’s called on Sunday “the Observer” – but there is no way that I also get the insert!

So every time someone comes or goes to London, or to England, or Ireland, I anxiously wait at home like a child, hoping they remembered to check if that weekend was The Food Monthly one!

It is a brilliant little food magazine that talks about a lot of things; mostly food related, of course!

You can read recipes but not only that!
You also find interviews with famous, and less famous chefs, tips for markets and restaurants and much more.

I truly miss London every time I have this in my hands!

If you end up in the UK on the ‘right’ Sunday, don’t miss it and if you pass by Geneva coming from there please, please, pretty please bring me a copy… I will be eternally grateful and I might cook for you!

*I am quoting ELLE à table for various recipes in the blog.


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